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Upcoming webinar:
Eliminating inefficiency: Unified communications are the new frontier

Wednesday November 11th.

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about the advantages of unified communications and how they can add value, cut costs and increase efficiency in your organisation.

Learn how quality middleware, installed correctly by seasoned Alert Tech specialists, can improve real-time accountability of staff and seamless communication between unlimited brands and products.

Experts will speak about significant improvements that will be experienced with unified communications, and outline real-world case studies as support.

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Why does Alert Tech exist?

Because we believe in challenging complexity, striving for simplicity and that innovation is the fuel that drives success.

How do we do it…

We are committed to never-ending improvement in ourselves and our products. That the delivery of quality, efficiency and reliability is not overachieving, it’s the benchmark. Only a seamless experience of the highest quality will do for our respected and valued customers.

What does that look like where the rubber meets the road?

We provide, design, install and service communications technology for the healthcare sector. We are specialists in alert technology like Fall Prevention Equipment, unified communications, Nurse Call Systems, Duress, Access Control and CCTV. We have a proven track record in aged care, retirement and health, and it’s a record that we guard vigorously.

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Staff Profile: Michael Parsons

Michael has been part of the Alert Tech team for 7 years and is experienced in all of the company’s operations. “Being part of a family-focused organisation is great. Contributing to the community by assisting our clients to provide quality care gives me great satisfaction and drives me forward.”

Featured product:
Fall prevention suite of products

Our range of fall prevention products can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Contact us and one of our fall prevention specialists will come to your site, assess your needs and provide demonstrations of the quality products that have made Alert Tech a leader in this area.

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Australian & proud

Alert Tech is solely Australian-owned and supports the use of Australian products.

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