Which product is right for me?

It can be confusing to try and work out which of the myriad of systems will be right for you situation. Let Alert Tech help you make an informed choice.

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Fall Prevention

We have a full range of fall prevention products include hardwired and wireless solutions.

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Nurse call Systems

The Nurse call systems that we supply are custom designed to meet the requirements of all health and support providers. We help your organisation provide expert care with a minimum of fuss, keeping things simple for staff and management.

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Security is essential for protecting the safety of your staff, residents and assets.

To accomplish this we design security and building management systems tailor-made to your facility. You will rest easy knowing that your residents are safe.

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Alert Tech offers solutions that integrate nurse call systems with wireless telephones, Vocera badges, pagers and many other communication devices. These messaging and reporting systems improve staff productivity and reduce response times, helping to increase overall resident and patient satisfaction.

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Control the patient TV through a bedside handset that includes call bell function, over-bed light control and built-in speaker. This system lets you lock down the functions of the TV to maintain standard operation and prevents changes being made.

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When you want residents or staff members to be able to push a button no matter where they are in a facility. This system can intergrate into an existing nurse call system and alert staff of an issue.

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RTLS System (Real Time Location Tracking System)

The Tag is a wrist or lanyard worn Active RFID Transmitter that delivers real-time supervision and tracking of patients or assisted-living care residents. The Tag contains Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies to deliver precise, real-time positioning data to Integration platforms.

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Alert Tech offers qualified cabling installers combined with expert service and support for all cabling installations - from initial advice on selection, design and commissioning, through to ongoing maintenance, extensions and upgrades.

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The wandering patient system is designed to cause an alarm when a resident enters an area they are not meant to be in. Typically installed at a door, the system can send a nurse call message.

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DECT phones are an extension of the facility's PABX and as such can send and receive calls outside the facility, but also between handsets. Care providers can use the DECT phone to be mobile around the facility and still be in contact with staff and switchboard.

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Send messages from the nurse call system to staff carrying a pager. This one way communication device will alert staff as to where assistance is required throughout the site.

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Security cameras are essential in monitoring and recording activity at you facility. Once installed you can record from the cameras and connect live via the internet or your computer network, allowing management review when required.

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Intercoms have been the mainstay of facility access for decades. Facilities are typically locked down for the night. With less staff rostered on they need to be able to assess who is at the door before allowing entry.

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