Wander Alert System

The wandering patient system is designed to cause an alarm when a resident enters an area they are not meant to be in. Typically installed at a door, the system can send a nurse call message to advise staff or can be tied into access control on the door to prevent the door being opened when a monitored resident is in the area. Pendants can be used across multiple doors so residents don’t need different devices across the site.

With the use of the Wanderer Alert, your most 'at risk' residents are safe without affecting your other residents.

Save time and money
By preventing the wandering residents from absconding you immediately eliminate the cost of searching for residents and the associated administration while offering better care.

That's a win, win, win solution!

Increased dementia capacity
By relocating your wandering residents into the general beds, your dementia capacity is instantly increased so you can care for additional residents.

Place more residents!

Improved ageing in-place
By being able to evolve with your residents, you can save them from the traumatic stress of finding another facility, helping you to keep your bed occupied.

Give residents better care!

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