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About Alert Tech

Alert Tech strives to continually improve the calibre of service to our customers. Reputation is paramount.

When Alert Tech was founded we had one vision in mind - to build a company that would provide communication services and solutions that would stand the test of time. This founding principle has allowed us to gain respect as a leader in the building and health care industries.

Alert Tech designs and installs a range of solutions that give our clients simple and fully compatible facility management tools. Alert Tech specialises in the installation and maintenance of Nurse Call systems, access control, data solutions and communications systems.

We have access to many different products to suit a variety of needs. Alert Tech is primarily an installation and maintenance company, meaning we do not install our own proprietary product like many others. This frees you from crippling maintenance contracts. Because we are not restricted to providing products from only one manufacturer we can offer you the very best solution available. This, along with quality workmanship, is the key to Alert Tech’s success.

While we design, install and service communications technology, we never lose sight of the fact that our business is about people. The needs of our clients and their staff are paramount. Today’s businesses need practical solutions. These are best delivered by a company with enough size and experience to tackle the largest projects, whilst being small enough to adapt to constant change.

True success relies on our ability to blend your business needs with simple solutions. Alert Tech provides design, management and advice of the highest quality. We consider your long-term future, not just a short-term need.

What makes us different?

  • Reputation for fair and efficient sales and service.
  • Track record for developing long term commercial relationships.
  • Wide range of services and solutions.
  • We do what we say, and we do it nationally.
  • We are specialists in technology integration.

We stand behind our products

  • Our close association with suppliers ensures all products are thoroughly road tested to our client’s requirements.
  • We provide custom solutions to meet client requirements.
  • We offer repair work enabling clients to prolong system life.
  • We sell a range of the best products. We don’t just sell our own proprietary products. This independence ensures you get the perfect system for your needs.

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