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Alert Tech offers solutions that integrate nurse call systems with wireless telephones, Vocera badges, pagers and many other communication devices. These messaging and reporting systems improve staff productivity and reduce response times, helping to increase overall resident and patient satisfaction.

By delivering a message directly to the appropriate nurse carrying a wireless device, the solution works with the nurse call system to enable the nurse to respond quickly to a patient need or request. Your staff can be mobile, spending more time on important tasks instead of stationed at the nursing desk awaiting incoming requests.

Not only does mobile event notification middleware alert nurses to requests and emergencies within seconds, but it also give nurses the ability to escalate an event notification if he or she is unavailable.

In addition to the facility communication, an audit trail of events and how they were handled is automatically generated, saving nurses hours of paperwork to document patient activities.

The reports provide feedback on staff utilisation, assisting co-ordinators and facility managers to increase the efficiency of their care team, while also meeting the requirements of any audits for compliance agencies.

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