What we do

At Alert Tech we design, install and maintain the above range of products.

Our Services

Design decide upon the look and functioning of an Alert Tech solution, by allowing us to make a detailed assessment of the customer's needs and how to meet those needs.

Installation Is the art of taking theory and making it a practical reality to add value to you our customer. We have a trained and experienced national projects department dedicated to providing the best results for you our valued customer.

Maintain The ongoing support program Alert Tech provides customers, covering both proactive and reactive services, to ensure the full benefits of our solutions are realised, in an ongoing reliable manner.

Service Our 24/7 support help line, offering reliability to ensure your resident safety.

Direct sales Alert Tech provides a comprehensive range of falls prevention equipment and ancillary parts to protect your residents.

Our Products

Integrated platforms

Our Integrated Platform is a computer software solution that integrates all the different applications, services and products required at a facility allowing it to record, report and notify as required. The platform enables real time alerts to be displayed or sent to devise for prompt action by staff.


Alert Tech offers reporting capabilities to allow facility management to review response times, issues and trends to improve their services and provide reports to other staff and management.

It improves accountability, highlights area’s for improvement ensuring the customers business offers the highest quality of service to their patients/residents. And in every aspect of this AlertTech is there to ensure the smooth integration and running of their business.

Alert Systems

Nurse call

Easy to use illuminated call points located at bed heads, toilets and showers allow efficient messaging to staff.

Wandering residents

The wandering patient system is designed to trigger an alarm when a resident enters an unsafe area. Wandering systems can be integrated into nurse call and security systems as required.


Products that allow your staff to send an emergency call to a relevant person in the event of a situation.

Fall Prevention

Alert Tech offers both hardwired and wireless products to suit your needs.

Product Line Brochure

  • Floor Mats Hardwired & Wireless Brochure
  • Bed Pads Hardwired & Wireless Brochure
  • Chair Pads Notifies Hardwired & Wireless Brochure
  • PIR Motion Sensors
  • Nurse Call Pendants Wireless Brochure
  • Door Reed Switches

RTLS (Real Time Location Service)

The tag is a wrist or lanyard (pendant) worn Active RFID Transmitter that delivers real-time supervision and tracking of patients or assisted-living care residents. The pendant features call-button duress alerting that identifies the person requiring assistance and the precise location of the incident. The integration platform can bring up a map of the building and display exactly where a patient is at any given time within the facility. The pendant also supports near-exit alerting for administering patient/staff escort procedures and for preventing unauthorised transfers into or out of protected building areas. The pendant contains RTLS technologies to deliver precise, real-time positioning data to integration platforms.

Security systems

These are a variety of products that ensures facility premises are safe, secure and have the ability to regulate admittance where required.

Access Control

Alert Tech are currently offering systems that allow total control of restricted areas.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Security Cameras)

Are becoming a tool of choice for facilities to ensure their premises are safe, secure and in the event of an incident there is recorded footage clearly showing the occurrence.

Messaging systems

DECT systems (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)

Alert Tech offers DECT systems to allow site wide coverage of telecommunications and messaging systems.


Paging systems while old technology, are still a great tool for site wide messaging. Allow staff members to receive alarm calls from small wearable pagers. It is an easy and relatively inexpensive one way notification device.


BYOD is an IT policy where staff are allowed or encouraged to use their personal mobile devices or notebook PC’s to access hospital/aged care facilities data and systems.

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